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Remember the neolithic civilization


The Others Megaliths of Locmariaquer

Apart from the main Megalith site, 6 other megalithic sites are scattered across Locmariaquer with free access.

The Men-er-Letionec Menhir near the Kerpenhir point on the edge of the Gulf of Morbihan is 3,40 metres high and could be the only remains of an ancient cromlech.

The Pierres Plates Dolmen is a megalithic gallery grave known as « angled graves » that were found on the South Brittany coast. The two parts of the monument meet at an open angle giving way to a side chamber. It is the most richly decorated angled dolmen in the area. The slabs are adorned with engravings of cult icons represented in a badge, from simple shapes at the entrance of the gallery to more sophisticated designs in the burial chamber.
The Mané-Réthual Dolmen is a long passage grave with 2 chambers. The distinctive feature of this monument is its enormous top stone of 11 metres, out of proportion compared to the grave. The inside of the stone is engraved with an enormous badge of a cult icon, a characteristic ornament for stelae erected outside.
The Mané Lud Tumulus is almost the highest point of Locmariaquer. This tumulus shelters a cairn with a burial chamber. It contained the remains of 2 people that were found with a few flint stones and pieces of pottery.
The Mane-er-Hroeg Tumulus sits on an oval mound piled with 20,000 cubic metres of stones . Surrounded by buildings and covered by undergrowth, the site doesn't look much like a monument nowadays. It comprised a large grave where many objects were found that are now exhibited in Vannes at the Museum of History and Archeology.

The Kerlud Dolmen used to be a passage grave. Today, only remains the burial chamber covered by a large capstone