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Discover Saint-Philibert

Saint Philibert

Saint-Philibert : the spot for water sports and nice beaches

You will enjoy staying in this famous sea resort, well known for its unique chapel on the edge of the River Ster, its coastal paths and beautiful beaches. Saint Philibert development over the years, relies on the oyster-farming tradition and the influence of the Ocean. It boasts an exceptional heritage with its famous Ocean drive, its fort and the Kernevest lighthouse.
Megaliths of Saint Philibert

There are fewer megaliths in Saint Philibert but they' are certainly worth a detour when walking and cycling across the village. Several of them are hidden away in hamlets or in the middle of the vegetation. This is certainly an incentive for wanting to discover them!
Kerran Dolmens : In Kerran, you will find two passage graves dolmens, one of which in good condition. A third one was removed at the end of the 19th century. It was bought and transported to the cemetery of Meudon to be used as a funerary monument for a family.
Mane Kemapleye : a country lane behind the Kerroch farm leads to an impressive dolmen with an enormous capstone. The ruins of another monument stand next to it.
Menhir of Kerangoff : Kerangoff path opens onto a thick moor whith a strange massive curved stone sitting on the top.
Dolmen of Magouëro : Situated in the locality of Magouëro, south-west of Le Chat Noir locality, this passage grave dolmen stands in the middle of houses. In spite of its restoration, it remains an interesting monument.
Dolmen of Kerambel : it stands in the locality of the same name. It is a very fine passage dolmen which still has its top stones.


Saint Philibert religious heritage
There is one must-see chapel in Saint Philibert, nestling on the waterside surrounded by a stunning sea landscape, a famous scenery of Brittany.
The chapel is from the 17th-18th century and used to be on the lands of Locmariaquer. Inside, one can admire the 18th century altarpiece with in the centre piece, a painting from the Romantic period that shows Saint Philibert in a stone basin sailing into the Ster cove . The ceiling of the chapel is dotted with stars and the stained glass windows depict agricultural and oyster-farming work.