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Remember the neolithic civilization

Megalithic site of Locmariaquer - TABLE DES MARCHANDS

Major site of the Armorican Neolithic gathering three monuments.

Three iconic megalithic monuments dated between 4700 and 3800 BC stand at the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan. The Grand Menhir Brisé (Great Broken Menhir), an enormous 280 tonnes block that stood 20,60 metres tall is the biggest stele known in Europe. With the Er Grah Tumulus and the Table des Marchand Dolmen, they are exceptional accounts of the funerary rites in Brittany during the Neolithic period.
The Grand Menhir Brisé is the tallest standing stone erected by men in those days. The Table des Marchand Dolmen is one of the gallery graves and houses two stunning engraved slabs. The Er Grah Tumulus belongs to the category of individual closed burial chambers. A visit to the Megalith site will initiate you to the megalithic civilization and architecture whilst enjoying its exceptional location overlooking the Gulf of Morbihan.
This Neolithic site features three large megaliths which have become symbols of Brittany: the Grand Menhir brisé, the Dolmen de la Table des Marchands and the Tumulus d’Er Grah de Locmariaquer, dating back to between 4700 and 3800 BC. The Grand Menhir Brisé is a huge, broken granite block and is the largest known stele in Europe. The Tumulus d’Er-Grah and the Dolmen de la Table des Marchands provide an exceptional insight into the ancient funeral rites practised in Brittany at the time. A gallery leads to the underground burial chamber and some of the walls have been engraved with hieroglyphics. The tour is an ideal introduction to the architecture and civilisation of the megalithic
age, in a stunning natural environment with superb views of the Golfe du Morbihan.

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